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5th  July  2014

Dear Members:

Now that our 2013-14 year is at an end we would like to bring everyone (particularly those who could not make the annual meeting) up to date.   As approved by a majority of members voting, Edmund L. Luzine, Jr. of Adirondack Capital will be our president for the forthcoming year.

John Graebner will serve as VP & Program Chair. Sylvia E. Bargas, will be in charge of a massive membership campaign.  Robert Domagala has been elected to serve as secretary.  Last, but hardly least, Steve Davidson has agreed to continue to be treasurer.

Returning as directors are past presidents, Noreen Miyake-Char and Fred Boos. We are grateful to have their experienced input.  However, to bring fresh insight to the board we are delighted to welcome John Montgomery, a grizzled veteran who served as WSIA president during its salad years.  We also welcome Jeff Youngen for his years of experience. 

Over the summer the WAMM board and committees will be feverishly working (or at least meeting) to present a great program starting in September.  While there will be important changes details are not ready at this point.  For more information or if you want to contact us look to www.wammdc.org.   

Oor first event is scheduled for September 23, 2014. Our Speaker will be David Gordon, Chairman and Head of Research at Eurasia Group.



The 2014-2015 WAMM Board


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