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Interest Rate Outlook
Ira Jersey, Bloomberg Intelligence

May 19, 2020
Tuesday 04:15 PM
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Interest Rate Outlook

Please join us at our event on

Tuesday , May 19, 2020 at 4:15PM

Ira Jersey
Chief U.S. Interest Rate Strategist
Bloomberg Intelligence

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Today's COVID-19 driven economic and market environment has required uniquely aggressive fiscal and monetary policy responses. Daily spikes in volatility, weak economic data, elevated unemployment and persistently low interest rates reflect this challenging environment. Investors and market participants are peeking around the corner and trying to understand evolving conditions today and when the movement restrictions and health risks diminish. WAMM is fortunate to have Ira Jersey offer his expert insights and strategic vision especially on the budget, rates and fixed income markets.

Ira Jersey is the Chief U.S. Interest Rate Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, a division of Bloomberg LP, and is based in Princeton, NJ. He provides both top-down and bottom-up perspectives on U.S. Treasury, money market and related derivative markets including the impact of the Federal Reserve, Congressional policy, the Federal budget, and Treasury issuance. He regularly appears on Bloomberg TV and radio.