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Market & Economic Perspectives from Goldman Sachs
Candice Tse, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

September 23, 2020
Wednesday 04:15 PM
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Market & Economic Perspectives from Goldman Sachs

Please join us at our event on

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 4:15PM

Candice Tse
US Head of Market Strategy
Strategic Advisory Solutions
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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The COVID-19 driven economic and market environment and its aftermath have required uniquely aggressive fiscal and monetary policy responses. Fluctuations in volatility, weakened economic data, elevated unemployment and persistently low interest rates reflect this challenging environment. Investors and market participants are peaking around the corner and trying to understand evolving conditions today and as the movement restrictions and health risks diminish.

WAMM is fortunate to have Candice Tse, Goldman Sachs U.S. Head of Market Strategy within Strategic Advisory Solutions, to kick off the WAMM program year. The title of the presentation is “Market & Economic Perspectives from Goldman Sachs.” Candice will review Goldman’s latest views on the market and the economy: what we have seen, where we are, and what we can possibly expect globally in both the economy and the market. She is responsible for economic and market strategy, along with client engagement on investment solutions. Candice worked in Fundamental Equity Product Management, Institutional Sales with a focus on relationship management and business development, and as a team leader for institutional equity in portfolio administration. Her areas of expertise include ESG and Impact Investing, Womenomics, and emerging markets. Ms. Tse earned a B.S. in Marketing, Magna Cum Laude, from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance and Management from Columbia Business School.