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Real Estate Investing After COVID-19 Panel
David Wertheim, Invesco
Josh Barber, Diamond Hill Capital Management
Michael Joyce, Oranswell Realty Partners

March 3, 2021
Wednesday 04:15 PM
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Real Estate Investing After COVID-19 Panel

Please join us at our event on

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 4:15PM

David Wertheim
Senior Client Portfolio Manager

Josh Barber, CFA
Research Analyst
Diamond Hill Capital Management

Michael Joyce
Managing Partner
Oranswell Realty Partners

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Following the stellar 2019, the past year has been tumultuous for real estate with divergent results depending on the sector. As we begin to look at the environment following the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate investing offers opportunities as well as certain identifiable risks and uncertainties. Some of last year’s results could be cyclically affected in the short term by the pandemic while other trends could prove to be secular with traditional business models permanently disrupted. The focus of commercial real estate and real estate investment trusts (REITs) have shifted dramatically over the past decade from an outsized weighting in core property types—e.g., retail, apartment, office, and industrial buildings – to more diversification with new and emerging real estate categories offering an additional hedge against macro changes to the economy.

We are fortunate to have highly-respected industry experts to walk us through the sector outlook. David Wertheim is a Senior Client Portfolio Manager who works with Invesco’s real assets investment management team. Josh Barber, CFA, is a Research Analyst at Diamond Hill Capital Management covering the real estate sector and the REIT industry. The panel will be moderated by Michael Joyce, who serves as the Managing Partner at Oranswell Realty Partners, a tightly-held apartment investment and management firm with properties along the East Coast. In this role, Michael oversees the operation and management of approx. 1,500 multifamily units, and actively solicits opportunities to grow the business.