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Public Policy, Politics, and the Political Outlook for 2022 and Beyond
Mick Mulvaney, Former White House Chief-of-Staff
Raj Date, Fenway Summer LLC
Isaac Boltansky, BTIG

March 24, 2022
Thursday 04:15 PM
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Public Policy, Politics, and the Political Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

Please join us at our event on

Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 4:15 PM

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2022, the U.S. economy has shown a strong rebound from pandemic-induced shutdowns and the weakened growth trajectory. The positive economic growth benefited from policy responses in the form of massive fiscal spending stimulus and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy accommodation despite the ongoing supply-and-demand imbalances reflected in the continued supply chain concerns.
Market volatility reflects heightened economic and geopolitical risks on the horizon. With the latest CPI print at a four-decade high, the Fed now looks to cool inflation with monetary tightening. However, the outbreak of war in Ukraine brings a significant degree of uncertainty for monetary policy, mainly through the war’s effects on commodity prices and supply disruptions.
As the Biden Administration enters its second year with the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, we have seen palpable and increased attention on policy and politics among investors and the markets. Some of the questions on top of investors’ mind are:
1. Do Republicans capture the majorities in Congress and how would that affect policy environment?
2. If “normal” life resumes in 2022, how much credit does President Biden get for it? Is Biden going to run for president again?
3. At his State of the Union address, President Biden urged Congress to confirm his five nominees for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. What are the chances these nominations advance past the Republican opposition and their impact on the Fed’s monetary policy and financial regulation?
4. What are current inflation expectations, and what policy options are under consideration by the Biden Administration or more likely the Fed? If the Fed moves too slowly in the face of geopolitical uncertainty, it potentially risks more persistent inflation and inflationary expectations. On the other hand, more aggressive monetary tightening could lead to stagflation or the pull forward of recession risk.
5. DOJ and FTC are planning a major overhaul of the guidelines on mergers with a focus on how mergers can increase anti-competitive conditions. Will this lead to an escalating antitrust scrutiny and greater regulatory burden?
6. Will the Democrats be able to eliminate or weaken the filibuster?
7. What legislation, if any, can Democrats get done in Congress?

We are fortunate to have highly respected industry experts to walk us through the ever-evolving conditions with a focus on the effects of public policy. Raj Date is the Managing Partner of Fenway Summer LLC, Mick Mulvaney is the Co-Chair of Actum LLC and previously was White House Chief-of-Staff, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and an Acting Director of CFPB. The panel will be moderated by Isaac Boltansky, who has effectively led WAMM’s annual policy and markets panels for several years. He currently serves as a Managing Director and Director of Policy Research at BTIG.

Please note that the Chatham House Rule applies – neither the comments of the speaker nor those of other participants are for attribution.

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Isaac Boltansky
Director of Policy Research

Isaac Boltansky is a Managing Director and Director of Policy Research at BTIG, a global financial services firm specializing in investment banking, institutional trading, research and related brokerage services. Prior to BTIG, Mr. Boltansky was the Director of Policy Research at Compass Point Research and Trading, where he coordinated the firm’s Washington policy analysis and followed financial services policy issues with a focus on mortgage finance, consumer lending, digital assets, cannabis and tax policy.

Previously, he was a Research Analyst on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Congressional Oversight Panel. Earlier in his career, Mr. Boltansky was a Research Analyst at EJF Capital. He earned his BA in political science and history from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Mick Mulvaney
Former White House Chief-of-Staff

Mick Mulvaney is the Co-Chair of Actum LLC, an international, nonpartisan strategy consulting firm. He also serves on the Advisory Board of London-based Clemency Asset Management LP, in addition to his position as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. With more than a decade of government service, Mulvaney has been at the forefront of US economic policymaking and politics at the highest levels. He managed the White House as Chief-of-Staff to President Donald Trump during the impeachment and the first days of the Coronavirus pandemic. He also served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Ambassador and Special Envoy to Northern Ireland during the height of Brexit.

Prior to his executive branch service, Mr. Mulvaney was elected four times to the United States House of Representatives, where, among other things, he co-founded the Freedom Caucus and the Bitcoin Caucus. He also served in the South Carolina House and Senate.

Prior to public service, he worked in various roles: lawyer, real estate developer, restaurant owner/operator and franchisor, and homebuilder.

Mr. Mulvaney earned his bachelor’s degree in international commerce and finance from Georgetown University. He went on to receive his J.D. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Raj Date
Managing Partner
Fenway Summer LLC

Raj Date is the Managing Partner of Fenway Summer LLC, a Washington DC-based investment and advisory firm focused on early-stage financial services and fintech opportunities. He invests through Fenway Summer Ventures, a specialist fintech venture capital firm, and Crossbeam Venture Partners, which focuses on new internet economies. He is also the co-founder of FS Vector, an advisory firm that counsels fintech companies on regulatory strategy, compliance, and public policy.

He serves as a Director for a number of innovative firms in financial services, including College Ave, a private student lender; Green Dot, a technology-driven consumer bank; and Circle, a leading crypto payments firm.

For Raj, Fenway Summer is the latest chapter in a long and varied career in and around U.S. financial institutions — as a senior policymaker, as a bank executive, and on Wall Street.

Raj was the first-ever Deputy Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). As the Bureau’s second-ranking official, he helped steward the CFPB’s strategy, its operations, and its policy agenda. He also served on the senior staff committee of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and as a statutory deputy to the FDIC Board. Before being appointed Deputy Director, Raj acted as the interim leader of the new agency, serving as the Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury. He led the CFPB for most of the first six months after its launch.

Before his time in public policy, Raj was a Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group at Deutsche Bank Securities, where he led the firm’s investment banking coverage for the largest U.S.-based banks and thrifts. Before that, Raj was Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Development at Capital One Financial, where he led M&A development efforts across the U.S. banking and specialty finance markets. He began his business career in the financial institutions practice of the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He has also served as an attorney in both private practice and government service.

He is a graduate of the College of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley (highest honors) and the Harvard Law School (magna cum laude).

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